Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to the Normal

It's August. You know what that means? School is right around the corner....

With me working for a university and Reagan being a student, the beginning of the school year brings a lot of schedule changes. First, can I get an "Amen!" that Reagan is starting his 3L (i.e. LAST) year of law school?! *Supposedly,* 3L year is the easiest. When we are talking about law school, easy is a relative term. Easier means law students have figured out how to study 24/7 without wanting to pull their hair out. I digress.

Since summer is ending, I figured I would wrap up my summer adventures via Instagram.

(1) Packed up my office and started a new job in June. (2) Spent a couple of weekends with this little guy. I even saw him get his first haircut! (3) Grilled peaches (4) Surprise flowers from RM (5) Took StrengthsFinder at work - is it weird to anyone else how accurate those can be? (6) Went to a wedding in Dallas. The ONLY wedding of the summer. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. (7) FINALLY hung up the last thing in our apartment (8) Spent a weekend at the lake with friends and watched RM feed deer. (9) Homemade pickles from Reagan's dad & step-mom. To. Die.

This year, Reagan will be exceptionally busy with school and extracurricular activities. I'm starting a new work schedule next week so that we can be at work/school at the same time. Thank goodness for flexible bosses!

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