Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Favorites

Clinique Must Haves

After Diana posted her favorite bridal beauty products, I got to thinking about my own beauty routine. She said she was a loyal Bobbi Brown girl, and I thought "I don't think I'm loyal to any one brand."

Think again.

I opened my makeup bag to see a Clinique explosion.  I credit my frequent Clinique buys to two things. First, I have sensitive skin and all of Clinique's products are gentle and unscented. Secondly, it's one of those brands that my mom always used, so I buy it too. (Kind of like, Folgers coffee. Please tell me someone else knows what I'm talking about!)

Onto my favorite Clinique products!

1. Long Last Lipstick ($15) - Dubonnet is my favorite red lipstick. It's red enough to be powerful, but not harsh-looking on my fair skin. I think the color is universally flattering because my mom wears it and my best friend, Rebecca, wore it at her bachelorette party; we all have very different skin tones.

2. Moisture Sheer Tint ($27) - My mom loaned this to me for my honeymoon, and I immediately bought my own when I got back. (Are we noticing a theme here - I steal makeup from my mom??) I love it for summer and the weekends.

3. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($24) - I have incredibly oily skin and this keeps it under control!

4. Liquid Facial Soap ($16) - Gentle and unscented. Enough said.

5. Bronzer ($25) - I'm not a huge bronzer fan (I think it looks funny on me), but this is what I use when I need a little color on my face!

6. Chubby Stick ($16) - Yes, that's really what it's called. Whole Lotta Honey is my favorite fall/winter color, and I'm loving Mega Melon this summer.

7. High Impact Mascara ($15) - I have worn this mascara since high school, and I doubt I will ever stop. It doesn't smudge, and I always get compliments on my long lashes.

8. Quickliner for Eyes ($15) - I used to always have trouble with my eyeliner coming off during the day, but this stays put pretty well.

9. Superbalanced Makeup ($23) - I just recently switched from mineral powder makeup to the Superbalanced liquid.  This was also a recommendation from my mom, and I'm already sold! It isn't to greasy and looks natural.

There you have it! I'd love to hear what other makeup/brands everyone uses!
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