Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What Every Bride Wants {for the kitchen}

Reagan and I were more than blessed to have three wedding showers, and packages arriving on our doorstep almost daily. Registering for gifts can be fun and/or stressful. For example, my husband registered for two different bacon presses and every type of grilling utensil imaginable. I stressed out over a china pattern.

I consulted with my fellow newlywed best friend Rebecca and came up with a ton of gifts we love, love, love.  Here's the first of a few buying guides for anyone attending weddings this summer, and I know there are a lot of you out there. First up, the kitchen!

1. Crate and Barrel Mixing Bowls: I didn't register for mixing bowls from Crate and Barrel, but after two sets of mixing bowl disasters (i.e. breaking); I decided to go with these.  I have the white set, and I've been happy with their durability and the way they stack to save room.

2. Veggie Chop: Rebecca says, "Small enough so that it's easy to store, but it can fit a good chunk of an onion or bell pepper."

3. French Press with Illy Coffee: This would be a good gift for the coffee snob. After getting this as a gift, we have officially crossed into "coffee snob" territory. 

4. Grind and Brew Coffee Maker: Rebecca says, "I leave the coffee beans in the airtight top and in the morning you just put how many cups you want and it grinds the amount you need. You can also pick the strength so it will do more or less. Awesome."

5. Kitchen Aid Mixer: I swear the food you make in a Kitchen Aid just tastes better.  Reagan took a picture of me the first time I used my mixer because I have been waiting all my life (ok - actually just the 6 months between registering and our first shower) to own one. There are also a ton of attachments (meat grinder, ice cream maker, etc. that make great gifts!)
It's love

6. Taste of Home Cookbook: I have said it before, and I will say it again - I cook 75% of our meals from recipes in this cookbook.  I call it my cooking Bible because it has recipes, cooking and food preparation methods, and detailed information about almost all food.  For example, I didn't know how long to grill a pork chop, but I looked it up in the "Pork" section.  It's nothing too fancy, just normal people food.

7. Texas Cutting Board: Our house wouldn't be complete without Texas kitchen accessories.

Now, I'm interested to hear, what's the most used tool/accessory in your kitchen?? Pin It

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  1. I suggest that everyone who loves coffee get register for a Keurig if you are like me and love coffee but are content with about one or two cups a morning. I like to get the BLONDE Starbucks K-cups for my morning cup of java and then like to make a cup of Green Tea sometime at night.

    We also love love LOVE our wonderful knife set as well as our wine rack.

    As far as our sweet tooth, we love our cake dome and cupcake display and to wash it all down ,we love our Brita water filter because Lubbock water is just gross. Makes all the difference in the world.