Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Every Bride Wants {to entertain}

The extent of my entertaining these days is having a couple of friends over for dinner, or hosting my parents for the weekend.  However, Reagan and I can't wait until we throw more parties. Here are some recommendations of what every bride wants to entertain!

1. Cheese Board/Tray: I got a marble cheese tray (pun intended) from none other than Rebecca herself. It's so pretty and I put out cheese and crackers for guests to snack on any time I can!

2. Placemats and Napkins:  I received several sets of pretty placemats and napkins from a store I registered at in my hometown. However, you find pretty table linens anywhere from Crate and Barrel to Anthropologie or Pottery Barn.

3. Snack Bowls: We eat A LOT of chips and salsa in our house, so naturally these Fiesa Fruit Bowls are used for salsa as opposed to fruit. 

4. China: To register for china or nor to register for china? Granted, picking a china pattern is "old-fashioned" and not for everyone, but I just couldn't help myself.  We always ate on my mom's china during special events or holidays, and I couldn't imaging not having my own.

5. Pottery Barn Classic Stemware: I thought long and hard about where to register for stemware. (Wine glasses are important, ok?) Finally, I decided on Pottery Barn due to the fact that all the glasses are sturdy and I don't feel like they will break easily. 

6. Screwpull Wine Pump Set: Another Rebecca recommendation, "Perfect for people who have husbands that don't want wine every night. Pour a glass, put the rubber cork on and pull the air out and it stays fresh!" 

7. Specialty Food Items: Perfect for a foodie or cook. For example, specialty spices, sauces, coffee or drink mixes.

And that wraps up my gift-giving recommendations. Did anyone get a gift (wedding related or not) that everyone has to know about?

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  1. This one is SO strange and not glamorous at all, haha but we got a card table, and it has been so useful for when we are entertaining and need more chairs and table space!! I cover it with a cute table cloth and it looks great!

    1. We have a card table too (that I didn't want to buy) but we use it more than I expected!